Whether you are coping with new challenges or seeking to understand long-standing patterns, it’s a big step simply to recognize that you may benefit from psychotherapy. Therapy can help by providing perspective, renewed hope, and the opportunity to explore thoughts and feelings that can be hard to talk about elsewhere. I offer specific cognitive-behavioral skills and strategies while facilitating a deeper and more compassionate awareness of the self; that is, values, capacities, and vulnerabilities.

Some of the issues I commonly help people with include:

-Adjusting to transition, change, or loss

-Issues with family, peer, or romantic relationships

-Anxiety and/or depression

-Coping with physical illness or changes in functioning

People often ask, how long will therapy take? As with so many things, the most honest answer is, it depends. I work with people for shorter courses of therapy (12-20 sessions) as well as longer courses, depending on their needs and goals for treatment. As we begin our work together, I will share my thoughts on what I believe will be beneficial for you.

If you’d like to learn more about my approach to therapy, please reach out to me at 415-484-9473 to arrange a brief phone consultation.


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